Richard Lomax
   Hello and welcome to SlipStream Marketing!
I’m guessing that if you've found this web site, then you're on a bit of a mission...

You're a business owner or professional that might be described as 'happily discontent'. And by that I mean that you've already experienced a fair degree of success in your life, but you want to do (and become) more!

And your current sales and marketing set-up is just not delivering the results you need on a consistent basis...

You've probably sought help from various books, seminars, 
gurus, coaches and mentors in the past, and whilst they each had something to offer, none of them have provided the key you need to unlock the true potential of your business. Am I right?

And whilst your business is making money (usually every month) you haven't quite broken through to the level where you can afford to take a two or three-week vacation, and not worry about what might be happening to the sales picture whilst you're away.

So, you need a reliable way of growing sales faster, and more securely. And you know that with the right system in place, and with the right marketing messages targeted to the right people, if you can win just one new client, it should be possible to 'rinse and repeat' -- and drop big lumps of cash into the bank on a regular weekly or monthly basis.

And like I said, you’re the type of person that's never going to give up searching for that Lead Generation and Sales Conversion System that will solve all of your problems, and allow you to live the fulfilled life you dream of...

Well, if I’ve more or less just described you and your situation, then I’m delighted to tell you that I may well have exactly the answer you are looking for...

How do I know? Well, funnily enough, in the words above I have just described MY OWN situation just a few short years ago.

The answer you’re looking for is called SlipStream Marketing® - and this web site has been created especially for you and others just like you!

Take a look the 'Free Stuff' page to find some very valuable sales generation resources. And if you like what you read on these pages, then go to Book A Chat With Richard, and book a time in my diary for us to discuss your specific business, and whether or not SlipStream Marketing® can deliver the results you're searching for!

I look forward to chatting with you...

Free e-Book
Free E-Book
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Here's just some of what you'll learn:
>> Why you're doomed to poor quality enquiries if you’re STILL talking about 'features and benefits'
>> What to do if you're talking to tonnes of prospects, but the numbers just aren’t working for you
>> Why it's a myth that more activity on social media will bring you more enquiries and appointments
>> Why you must know what you can afford to invest to get a new Client, and still make handsome profits

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About Me
Richard`s marketing journey started over 30 years ago with companies like BP Oil, HJ Heinz and Bernard Matthews. 

But it quickly became clear to him that the majority of conventional big brand marketing wisdom simply does not work, or is not relevant for the vast majority of companies.

But now, with the market-proven SlipStream Marketing® model, Richard helps Companies quickly embed a programme of simple, down-to-earth strategies and methodologies that bring in quality leads and sales month after month.
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