Richard Lomax
   Hello, and welcome to ‘Book A Chat With Richard’!
So what’s it all about?
Well, if you’ve landed on this page, it’s probably because you are not satisfied with how your current lead generation and sales growth is looking.

Maybe you’ve tried lots of other marketing support options over the years, that have promised much, but have been sadly lacking in delivering tangible and significant ROI.

But my guess is that you’re not someone who gives up easily. You’re still looking for a repeatable, scalable and reliable way to grow your business (that doesn’t take up all of your time, when you also have a business to run)!

If I’m right, then maybe I can help you…

But first we need to find out more about each other. Once I get to know more about your business, and your goals and ambitions, and you get to know more about how the SlipStream Marketing model might work in your business, then we’ll both be in a position to make an informed decision.

So let’s set up a time to meet and have a detailed conversation, and figure out what’s best for you and your business.

Here's a quick heads-up on what will happen when we meet…

Firstly, I’ll spend time finding out about your business, what’s worked in the past, what’s not working now, and what exactly you want your business to look like in one, three and five years’ time.

I'll ask you a number of straight-forward questions, but you won't need to prepare any detailed figures or projections before we meet.

Then I'll be in a position to identify what’s been holing you back, and specifically what needs to change if you are going to create a systematic, reliable way of generating high-quality enquiries from your ideal potential Clients.

By that stage, I’ll also have a pretty good idea of why you’re not getting the number of conversions you would like, and what opportunities exist to ignite your sales growth.

And at that point, I’ll know whether, or not, one of the SlipStream Marketing® programmes would be a good fit for your needs.

If if not, I’ll probably be able to recommend another resource or support option that would be a better fit.

And if SlipStream Marketing® is a close fit, we can then talk about the different options to work together.

And of course, you'll be able to ask me questions throughout this whole conversation!

And just so you know in advance, the investment for working with me to embed SlipStream Marketing® into your business, ranges from as little as $497 a month right up to $4,975 a month, depending on what your requirements and budget are.

I've deliberately created a price point for most levels of budget, which means that I’m not necessarily as expensive as many people often think.

N.B. It’s important that you know what our meeting will NOT be...

Let me categorically say up-front, that your 60-minute meeting will not turn out to be some kind of thinly-veiled sales trap, where you are made to feel awkward, and get bundled into some kind of commitment that you really don’t want, or need.

That kind of ugly sales ‘ambush’ makes me feel angry and disgusted.

What you WILL experience is a valuable chat between two adults, to see if SlipStream Marketing® would be right for you.

And whilst I'll share with you some of the key lead-generation strategies and sales conversion methodologies that you need to employ, to see big improvements in your fortunes, our meeting is not designed as a ‘Strategy Consultation’ where I tell you precisely, step-by-step what to do, and then you go away and do it.

To be honest, your lead generation and sales problems just aren’t that simple!

And the problem with flying solo in your marketing is that unless you’ve been studying and testing these strategies for many years, there’s a pretty steep learning curve to successfully adapt and tweak the methodologies to your specific market and your customers and your competition.

There are so many subtleties that most business professionals don’t understand. In short, very few people have the skills or experience to implement SlipStream Marketing® effectively by ‘having a go’ on their own.

Unfortunately, these brave people are even worse off than the non-implementers because they waste valuable time and energy, and end-up feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Now you might think that I have an axe to grind here, but I believe it’s my duty to tell people the truth about the consequences and potential pit-falls of solo-implementation, and the truth about the wisdom and efficacy of getting help from an experienced coach or mentor.

So here's what I need from you before you book a time to chat...

My entry level programme, which is ideal for quite a few people, starts at only $497 a month.

Other SlipStream Marketing programmes run from $1,295 to $4,975 a month, and it may well be that we'll talk about some of these other options if they're relevant to you -- but that all depends on your needs and your budget.

So … if you can afford at least the $497 a month, I’m prepared to fore-go my normal $600 per hour consulting fee, to see if I have something that can help you and that works with your budget.

(N.B. the $600 per hour is not some random, made-up figure – in fact my day-consulting rate works out a lot more than that).

The only thing I ask in return is that you come to the meeting open-minded, and seriously committed to embracing new methodologies for lead generation in your business, and that you have the budget for us to work together if we both agree that it’s the right thing to do.

Otherwise, you’re only going to end up disappointed and frustrated if we both agree that SlipStream Marketing® is a good fit, but you simply don’t have sufficient budget to move forward – and putting it bluntly, we’ll have been wasting each other’s time.

OK … so if you’re good with that minimum budget requirement, then please go ahead and book a time for us to chat… I can’t wait to find out more about your business!

Finally, whatever course of action we agree at the end of our chat, I want you to have a sense of clarity and direction for your business that you probably haven’t experienced for quite some time.

And for this to happen, I need you to confirm that your expectations are in line with what will happen on our call.

So please read the following statements and click on the check boxes to confirm that we are both ‘on the same page’:
The Three Agreements:
Yes, I understand that during our chat, Richard will pin-point and explain what changes I need to make to create a steady stream of fresh leads and sales for my business, but I am also aware that the primary purpose of my chat with Richard is to identify whether the SlipStream Marketing® Programme would meet my sales generation needs.
I further understand that if the programme is not right for my needs, then Richard will try and recommend a more suitable option for me.
Lastly, I understand that some of Richard's clients invest $33,000 a month with him, that his most popular program is $1,295 a month, but that he also has a program for those on a more limited budget that is priced at $497 a month. And I confirm that should we agree that SlipStream Marketing® is a fit for my needs, I can afford at least $497 a month.
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