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   Hi there and welcome...
If you’ve landed on this page you are probably seeking more information on how to join a SlipStream Marketing® Programme.

That’s very exciting, but I have to tell you that you won’t be able to join a programme until we have first had a meeting.

And that’s because I want to be certain that the programme fits your specific requirements and your budget.

Also, please be aware that I recommend SlipStream® Marketing to only about one in three of the people I chat with.

And if I believe that SlipStream® Marketing is not ideal for your needs, I’ll normally be able to recommend another programme, or another coach or consultant, who will be better suited to your needs.

In the meantime, I guess you may well be asking yourself ‘what makes the SlipStream Marketing® model unique?

Well, what’s most important here is what our Clients tell us are the key reasons they see leads and sales flowing into their businesses, like never before. Here’s the seven most common reasons we hear:

Reason #1: It’s all about measurable results i.e. high quality enquiries, and sales in the bank.

So with SlipStream Marketing® embedded in your business, you’ll see a minimum of 5-10 highly qualified leads (often more) flowing into your business every month, starting within 90 days, or less.

Here are some examples of the returns that are possible:

Client A - Travel industry - For every $1 invested, generated $19.39 in sales

Client B – Yoga & Pilates - For every £1 invested, generated £24.96 in sales

Client C – Financial Services - For every £1 invested, generated £9.83 in sales

Client D – Natural Therapy - For every £1 invested, generated £46.09 in sales

You can see more Client results here.

So there’s no more boom then bust, and you can plan your business growth with more certainty.

You’ll enjoy more recognition from your peers, and you can make more provision for your family, including holidays, education or retirement.

Reason #2: I’ll join your team to make sure things happen!

It’s worrying how often I’ve seen companies who sign-up to marketing coaching that promises the earth, or attend a training event that provides the latest ‘cutting-edge’ methodologies, only to see the wonderful enthusiasm of the marketing team gradually ebb away over the following days and weeks.

Maybe you too have invested in good faith with a marketing service provider, expecting a positive return, only to find that the support to actually implement and embed new strategies and campaigns is woefully inadequate, or totally non-existent.

It’s a sad fact that the majority of marketing training and support simply doesn’t deliver any lasting improvements in lead generation or sales conversions. And that’s largely because the necessary support to adapt and implement the right systems is missing, and the critical cycle of testing, evaluating results, and making improvements, does not occur.

For me, implementation is everything, and I’m proud of the fact that I get results for my Clients because I get involved.
So for example, let’s say you’re struggling to get to grips with the software that delivers your ‘drip’ follow-up email campaign – I’ll get you on a video call, share my screen with you, log-in to your account, and show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do (and I’ll record the whole sequence and send you the video, so you can refer back to it as often as you like).

Or perhaps you need some help with preparing the words for your latest ‘Buyer’s Guide’ to offer to prospects as a lead-generation magnet – in which case I’ll interview you on the telephone, ask a number of relevant questions, record the answers, and then get the recording transcribed for you. So you only have to do some limited editing and tweaking - and I’ll also review your draft, and help you knock it into shape!

Maybe you think your sales team aren’t asking the right questions during their follow-up calls – no problem – I’ll get them to call me and we’ll role play the whole sequence. I’ll then give them the guide scrip they need to make permanent improvements.

And this kind of proactive help means your marketing will naturally become one of your priorities. I simply won’t let it fall into the category of ‘nice to have, but I’ll get around to it later’.

I’ll help you ‘hands-on’ to implement a system of strategies that builds one on top of each other. So it’s not about ‘spinning plates’. Once adopted, each strategy will run virtually on auto-pilot, with a little monitoring from week-to-week. 

Then we’ll move on to the next step in the programme, and when necessary, I’ll introduce you to my trusted, low-cost contractors, who’ll do any techy stuff, and 90+% of any repetitive, time-consuming work.

Reason #3: You’ll see results within 90 days, and ongoing, providing you take action…

Because it is a simple, step-by-step process, you just focus on one task at a time, without going ‘snow-blind’.

This keeps you focused, with consistent action, backed up by my hands-on support, day-by-day. You’ll even have my personal mobile phone number to call whenever you need it.

So there’s no delays, no hesitation and no procrastination. Just relentless progress and systemisation/delegation as you progress.

Research has proven that just a 10% improvement across key areas in your business marketing, can deliver a 91% increase in profits. It’s a scalable process that doesn’t require more and more time and resources.

Reason #4: We keep it simple: More Leads + Higher Conversions = Healthy Sales Growth.

Together we’ll be implementing strategies based on ‘direct response’ marketing. This means that everything is designed to help prospects take some kind of action e.g. click a link, press a button, complete a form, request some help, or commit to the sale.

Your priorities are not muddled or clouded by the need to do some fluffy building of brand awareness, or defining corporate values, or worrying about which blogging software to use.

So for example, if you’re approached with a ‘too good to refuse ‘ offer of advertising space on a relevant web site or magazine, or maybe you’ve been told that you need to focus on on-page optimisation of your keyword density... 

... I’m going to gently grab you by the lapels, and remind you that your time is best spent for example, focusing on your best 20% of clients who generate probably 80% of your income – or I’m going to point out that more leads coming in day-by-day from your pay-per-click campaigns will generate 1,000 times the return you’ll ever get from running another last-minute ad or tweaking your web content!

And when you stay focused on the two critical activities of lead generation and sales conversion, then everything else will simply fall into place.

We also work from a basis of ‘test small, and gradually roll-out big’. So by testing every individual activity, your risks are minimal.

This means that your marketing has ‘intelligent learning’ built in, and this leads to constant elimination of any waste, and delivers a higher ROI than you’ve ever experienced before.

Reason #5:  MBA, HJ Heinz, Bernard Mathews, BP Oil + 21 Years in my own consultancy + 300 Clients + £Millions in Sales --- this isn’t my first rodeo!

Whilst my marketing background was the classic MBA, then working with companies such as HJ Heinz, Bernard Mathews and BP Oil, my career really started to deliver fulfilment when I began working with smaller companies with fast-growth potential.

And whilst my journey certainly hasn’t all been ‘sweetness and light’, over the last 20+ years I have been able to help hundreds of companies generate many millions in extra sales.

So, whatever your specific problems and challenges, there’s a fair chance I’ve seen them before, and that I can help you overcome whatever has been holding you back until now.

But right now, I’ve no doubt you’re saying to yourself ‘This all sounds great, but can Richard deliver on his promises’?

Well the answer lies with the Companies I’ve already worked with, and you can check out my track-record here

Here’s a quick example:
' It cost only 3.4% of the income value from just one new client and has secured orders of £107,630 in its first 2 months! ' Andrew Watton, VDepot

Reason #6: SlipStream Marketing® is specifically for professionals who are responsible for DELIVERING SALES…

This is very important! When it comes to delivering tangible results, successful lead generation and sales conversion is much more like fly fishing than it is commercial trawling. 

First, you’ve got to know exactly where your prospects are hanging out, then you’ve got to tempt them with an attractive lure, without frightening them off, get them to bite, and then gently land them with minimal effort or force.

Whereas, when you’re selling physical products such as capital machinery or components for example, the buyer will be much more interested in specifications, just in time delivery schedules and product warranties. And this requires a completely different set or marketing tactics to succeed.

The problem is that many of the training and support programmes offered by so-called marketing experts, completely miss this vital distinction – they are simply offering a one-size-fits-all approach that aims to appeal to as many of their prospects as possible, regardless of what sector they operate in. 

They are only focused on grabbing more and more clients, regardless of how well (or badly) their offering fits the needs of their prospects. Not surprisingly, their results are rarely impressive.

With SlipStream Marketing® I show you how to build meaningful relationships with prospects, and create the trust that always comes before any sale.

And by delivering greater value than your competition, qualified prospects will naturally come to you, without any chasing or begging, and will see you as their only natural choice in the market.

By asking your prospects to qualify themselves, the dynamics of the sale are completely changed in your favour.

The reason that so much marketing coaching fails to deliver results is because the suggested strategies were founded around traditional product-led marketing, are not nuanced or subtle enough for service industries.

The result is that the majority of prospects either smell a trap and quickly avoid your net, or are happily swimming in a completely different river altogether.

When you are looking for someone to help you implement lead generation systems, it's critical that you find a specialist who understands how your prospect’s mind works, and can be truly ‘hands-on’ to help put the right, tailored, strategies into place, in the right order.

Reason #7: You get 101% commitment from me and my team.

I don’t have the time, nor inclination, to work with dozens of Clients at the same time. I get results because I am very choosy who I work with.

So if you and I decide to work together, here’s what you can expect:

1) I will take personal responsibility for your success, and you’ll have my personal mobile phone number – so you can contact me with questions whenever and wherever.
(The reason I’m happy to give my clients my personal mobile number, is that I know from experience that they’ll hardly ever have to use it).

2) Let me underline that it’s ME you’ll be working with. So whilst I have a team of trusted colleagues on-hand to help when needed, you won’t get passed on to some junior, inexperienced assistant who is still learning their trade.

3) I’ll be helping, guiding, cajoling and supporting you and your team day-by day, not once per month.

So as well as my mobile phone, there’s the private member’s chat group, the online learning portal and my personal email address, as well as our weekly Q&A video session.

So you can be certain you are not going to be lost in some sort of ‘group coaching VIP Membership’ money-suck operation (I know it happens, because I’ve been there).

O.K. So what happens next?

Well, at this stage if we have not already spoken, I have no idea whether or not what I'm offering is a fit for your needs. And I have no idea as to whether or not you'd want to work with me, or vice versa.

So let's find out. Click the link and select a time for us to chat:

But if we have already spoken about your marketing, and you'd like to join me on the SlipStream Marketing programme, simply call my office now, on 01692 538800.

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Richard`s marketing journey started over 30 years ago with companies like BP Oil, HJ Heinz and Bernard Matthews. 

But it quickly became clear to him that the majority of conventional big brand marketing wisdom simply does not work, or is not relevant for the vast majority of companies.
But now, with the market-proven SlipStream Marketing® model, Richard helps Companies quickly embed a programme of simple, down-to-earth strategies and methodologies that bring in quality leads and sales month after month.
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