Richard Lomax
   About Richard Lomax...
Richard`s marketing journey started over 30 years ago with companies like BP Oil, HJ Heinz and Bernard Matthews, and he has worked with some of the largest advertising and marketing consultancies in the world.

However, when he started helping hundreds of small and medium sized companies to improve their marketing results, it quickly became clear to him that the majority of conventional ‘big brand’ marketing wisdom simply does not work, or is not relevant for the vast majority of companies.

Over the last ten years, Richard has conducted literally hundreds and hundreds of marketing and advertising tests, and invested hundreds of thousands of pounds, to fine tune and develop the Client Flow® system, that is without doubt the most profitable and effective business growth system ever used by his clients.

This was achieved by Richard continually striving and testing, and failing, and then succeeding small, before he began to see bigger and bigger success, and finally validating the Endless Clients® system that has taken Richard’s and his Clients’ businesses from strength to strength.

The strategies that dovetail within the Endless Clients® system have helped hundreds of clients all over the world to radically change and improve their marketing systems, and in doing so help them generate millions of pounds in new-found revenues.

Richard’s driving passion is helping people like YOU embed Endless Clients® into your business to generate more profits, more freedom and more fulfillment from your business.
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